Lukács Dénes - Vőfély és ceremóniamester

Dear Couple!

So lovely and beautiful when two people from different countries, cultures fall in love and decide to connect their lives forever in the holiness of marriage.

What can I do for you?

+ if you want a wedding in Hungary with local traditions,

+ or you plan a wedding party but don't know anything about the practices

+ you need a real weddig supervisor, who can handle the Big Day for you, do not hesitate to call me.

We can plan the daily program and the events, then figure out what traditional moments you would like. I will gladly help you with my advice and 18 years of experience in wedding planning.

I'll manage Your wedding in English and Hungarian language as well, including or skipping Hungarian traditions and make it an enjoyable and memorable day for you and your guests too. No matter where it is: Hungary or abroad. 

If you need a bridesman, a wedding manager, feel free to contact me!

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