Lukács Dénes - Vőfély és ceremóniamester

  Dear American and Canadian Friends!

 Interested about Hungarian traditions?

Never seen a real folklore style wedding?

Would you like to brush up long forgotten habits?

Now you can ask me to program and manage your wedding in the USA and Canada.


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In the last few years many people found me from outside of Hungary; expatriate Hungarian brothers and sisters who want to link their lifes with the foreign choosen one. Nubiles who moved or born abroad commissioned me to lay out a Hungarian-style wedding.


During the planning of their wedding they realized they don't need 'just a supervisor'. They were looking for someone who can create an enchanted traditional mood and brings along the Hungarian folklore, reminding them of their roots.


I can help you to make your Big Day unforgettable! Plan and manage a quasi modern wedding program that includes the traditions and habits of our unique culture - and of course in enjoyable form for non-Hungarian people! 


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